About Me + Mission

I came up with the idea for this blog while I was working on a vineyard one summer and was growing very tired of being in the 90-degree heat. To pass the time while working, I listened to personal finance podcasts almost every day. Most people might prefer listening to podcasts about sports or video games or even just listening to music, but I am a little weird in that sense. While I really enjoyed these podcasts, I realized that 99% of the people speaking or being interviewed were all in their 30s or way older. Only on occasion did I hear real advice directed towards high school/college-age kids besides “start early!”. I began searching for blogs and other financial resources for people my age, and while I found some books, they were all written by older people who I am sorry to say, were a little out-of-touch. I decided that I should begin compiling information that I heard from these personal finance sources, and see what young people around my age could be doing. 


It’s funny, I must have created a bit of a reputation for myself among my friend groups as the "finance nerd" because I am often asked for advice on topics such as investing/saving. Now, most of the time my friends will ask me for a stock tip and I will remind them that I am not a Wall Street Trader and nor should they act like one, but instead, we should all be investing in index funds. However, for some of my friends, I was able to help them get organized by getting their savings accounts in order and to help them begin contributing to their Roth IRAs. It amazed me how much people do not know, (through no fault of their own), because we do not teach personal finance in primary education. Fortunately, my high school offered an elective in Investing/Saving, but I believe that course should be required for everyone. 


Imagine if all kids throughout the US; regardless of race, religion, location, or socioeconomic status were taught the same steps in building strong finances. I full-heartedly believe that by empowering youth with stronger financial literacy, we can make huge strides to close the wealth gap in our country. It would be a multi-generational impact because kids that knew how to save their money and invest it wisely, would teach their own children and the cycle would continue. 


Unfortunately, we have not reached this yet. Therefore, my motivation for writing these blog posts is to do my part to encourage my generation to be successful. I want to equip my friends and as many people my age as possible to lead financially rich lives so that they can pass those skills onto their own kids. This is the best that we can do as individuals to narrow the wealth gap in our country so that we can live happily and with less worry. That is what life is about after all. 


Disclaimer: What I discuss in my posts may not have the same result for everyone. I only write based on what has worked for me, but I cannot claim it will certainly do the same for you. Please do your own research after reading my articles so that you can make an informed decision about your finances.